Autumn Craft

The Grade 2’s have been working hard with Mrs. D’Abreo in Art:


I like how we used different materials to create a picture.

Ella Robb 2T


I like using different colour leaves to create a leaf man.

Marcus Gatt 2T


It was fun because I got to stick the leaves. But it was very exciting because I got to create my own leaf man.

Thomas Gillaman 2T


I got to be creative using leaves.

Sophie Jackson 2T


I made a leaf woman. I enjoyed creating stuff.

Selina Kurcala 2J


I created a leaf man. It was good because I really liked making it.

Johnathan Wijemanne 2J


I used little leaves for the hair. I enjoyed this activity because I like making things.

Mikayla Jose 2J


I like working with autumn leaves. This activity was fun.

Rafi Khudhur 2J