Being Inventors!

Through the Inquiry unit ‘Lucky Strike’, the Grade 5’s explored the different tools used on the gold fields, in particularly in the Gold Rush.  The students’ task was to work collaboratively with their peers to design and construct their own tool that could mine for Gold.  Students needed to use our Cana Characteristics to complete the task.  Here are the final results:

Group 1: The Miner 2000 (Corey, Cian, Sophie Olivia)- To use this tool you need to fill the bucket with water, turn the handle to remove the water and hopefully find gold.

Group 2: The Windlass (Kade Shannon Shaira and Chloe)- To use this tool you pull the rope, the bucket goes into the water, then pull the rope to bring the bucket back up to hopefully find gold.

Group 3: The DiggerX (Ryan, Jasiu, Emil and Lavera)- To use this tool, you need to hammer it into the ground and the flaps on the side will pick up the gold.

Group 4: The Sieve (Rachel, Ava, Hazel and Clarissa)- To use this tool, you need to put it under the water, bring it back out, shake it and it will drain the water, and hopefully you are left with gold!

Group 5: The Twirler (Alessia, Isaac, Adam, Leila and Suzan)- To use this tool, you need to spin the handles to continuously dig deeper in the ground, and hopefully you will find gold!

Group 6: The Whacker (Kayla, Alex, Briana, Chloe and Jayden)- To use this tool, you need to spin the handles to dig the dirt. Any water that is collected will drain through the machine and hopefully you are kept with pieces of gold.

Group 7: The Utility Axe (Amelia, Allie, Sienna, Dion and Caleb)- To use this tool, there are different forms of digging parts that can be used in all situations.  Hopefully one will help you retrieved the hardest bit of gold.

Group 8: The Shaker Boxa (James, Dion, Lily, Montana and Grace) – To use this tool, you need to shake the machine like a cradle.  Then all of the water and dirt goes through the holes and sifts the gold that you have found.

Group 9: The Pax (Kyrone, Mya, Kacper and Mia)- To use this tool, is like using a pan and pickaxe at the same time.  So when you find that bit of gold you have both tools handy in one.