Erupting Volcanoes!

The Grade 4 Students have been learning about Natural Disasters. Volcanoes are one of the most devastating natural disasters that can occur. To help learn about the devastating effects of a volcano eruption the Grade 4 students created and erupted their own volcanoes.


Below are comments made by the Grade 4 students:

The red soap in the eruption actually looked like Lava it was soo cool! My eruption lasted 10 minutes, AWESOME!

Nathan Adami 4C

I’m AMAZED at how much effort everyone put into their volcanoes. It was really fun to make and erupt.

Zaylee Xuereb 4C

I had fun exploding my volcano and it was really COOL.

Angelique Alevras 4K

I liked how the eruption popped up like an ACTUAL eruption, it was MARVELLOUS.

Isabel Di Grazia 4K