Grade 4’s Things we missed due to Covid day

After a year like no other, the students have made many sacrifices and missed most annual events. In an attempt to salvage some of these events, the Grade 4’s had a “Things we missed due to Covid” day.

The morning consisted of an ‘Australian’ themed based morning to coincide with the Grade 4’s Term 3 unit on Australia. The students partook in many events including: A biscuit eating competition (creating the shape of Australia), thong throwing, handball competition, Pin the tail on the kangaroo and much more.

In the middle block the students put on their dancing shoes and boogied to the sound of some dance music, followed by a Boys v Girls dance off.

Finally, the day concluded with the students creating tents and with their torches were able to read their favourite books and tell stories.

It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by all and a great way to cap off what has been a year like no other.