**VIDEO ADDED**Grade 5 Science: The Sweet Car

In this experiment we needed 2 A4 pieces of papers, 3 straws, 2 paper clips, 4 Lifesavers with holes and Sticky tape. Using these materials, we created a mini sweet car that would move when wind was blown upon it. This experiment was interesting to know how it moved by wind energy.  We enjoyed this experiment because it was something that related to our topic on energy.

By Maya and Amber


On Thursday 2nd of August the Grade 5s completed a Science experiment. We made a car out of different materials, like paper, paper clips, straws and the main material, Lifesaver lollies. The experiment was challenging following the instructions, we had to stick lots of things together and draw. The lifesavers were for the  wheels, straws for Lifesavers to move around and the paper was for the car.

The end result ended really well and everyone’s car was…

VERY creative and finished on a good note!

BY Adrian Bacarella


On Thursday the 2nd of August all of the Grade 5 students did an experiment for our Inquiry topic which is Re-energise the World. The experiment we did was called “A Sweet Car.” everyone enjoyed it but it was very challenging.

The materials used were 4 Lifesavers, 2 paper clips, 2 A4 pieces of paper, as much Sticky Tape as you need and lastly 3 Straws. Mr Cassar and Ms Hanks only put the procedure on both of their whiteboards and we had to follow it with no instructions (which was a good challenge).

We chose what room to work in and got to work with our friends. Many people completed before others did and some people didn’t even follow instructions like me [SIENNA].

To make all of our cars unique we decided to colour them in and decorate them. Everybody’s Sweet Car looked amazing if I do say so myself. Everybody finished in the time they needed to which was the main idea along with learning how wind energy works.

By Sienna

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