Grade 6 Camp

Last week (Wednesday 10th March- Friday 12th March) the Grade 6 students went to Lady Northcote for their school camp. Below are some students reflections on their experience, a great time was had by all.

We arrived at the campsite, got off the bus, got to talk for a bit about the camp then had recess. After recess we had a tour of the camp and then had lunch after lunch we did our first activity, Flying Fox then we had our second activity, The giant swing. That was all our activities for the day so we just had freetime then dinner and then watched a movie, after the movie we all went to bed. The next day we got ready then had breakfast. We did our first activity for the next day and that was Low ropes after Low ropes we had lunch. After lunch we had archery then freetime. When freetime was over we did an amazing race… We didn’t win, my team. We had free time after the amazing race and then had dinner, after dinner we did a family feud AND the night walk. We went to bed when the night walk was over then the day was done. The last day was fun because we packed for the bus later on and had breakfast. Our last two activities were geocaching and canoeing. We had freetime for a bit then left. – Tiana D’amico


My camp experience was amazing because we had done a lot of fun activities that pushed me to my full potential. At first I wasn’t as happy with my group but once we started I surprised myself and I loved my group! On the bus I was sitting next to my friends and once we got to Lady Northcote I was so pumped and excited. I was with different people in my cabin that I made closer friendships with which was one of my goals. We set up our cabins and then had snack. After snack we had our first activity and my group the koalas  had the giant swing first. My favourite activities were Canoeing, Archery, Geocaching and Flying foxing. The food was pretty good for camp. In my free time I did table tennis tournaments and I won a few times too. – Michael Farrugia 


I really enjoyed camp because there was so much to do and play when we were doing the activities. The experience was a good feeling for me because I had more time to get outdoors and to be more social. It was so much fun and my Favourite activity was canoeing because It’s a great feeling just floating on top of the water and it was so relaxing. My second favourite was Geocaching because we ran a lot and I really enjoyed running about more than 10 km. I also loved to sleep in my cabin with my friends because I had such big days and I just wanted to sleep every minute. – Daniel Portelli