Grade 6 Greenhat Incursion

I really enjoyed the incursion because it gave me a chance to be collaborative with others and it helped me to be creative. It taught me how to build things with wooden blocks and how to balance them on top of each other without them falling. I was in a group with Mikayla and Zaylee and we failed to build a tower a couple times but we persisted and eventually made a tower taller than Mr K. I think the best thing was collaborating with others and then destroying what we made. It was so fun. I hope that we do more interactive learning like this. Kiki Omotosho 6K


On Wednesday, us grade six’s worked with Green Hat to learn about how to build things out of small wooden planks. The teacher, Cam, was lovely and knew a lot about how to use the bricks to build towers up to the ceiling, and I’m positive to say that we could never build a whole city out of only rectangular prisms without his tips. Sure, it was frustrating when it fell down but when it did fall down, we just laughed a little and began rebuilding the structure.  By Joseph Sakic, 6K


I found my experience with Greenhat rather good, it was interesting, introduced clearly and it was mostly FUN! I noticed that the Greenhat company focuses more about how to keep the building or your invention stable and helps you to grow a positive attitude when things don’t go your way.

I think the purpose of this activity was to help us all work together as a team(collaborate), visualise your build and to have patience because you needed a lot of it.

Me and a few others tried to build a tower with someone in it but it kept falling down and we tried like 5 new ways but nothing worked though we kept trying and had a lot of persistence.

I think that the Greenhat Incursion was really fun and that is something that we can all say. By Mia Ferrigno 6K


I really enjoyed the Incursion. I really enjoyed it because I learned how to make big towers with just wooden blocks. I also enjoyed seeing people’s really big towers, one of them can fit probably three people which is really cool. At first we did a bit of basic things with the blocks but then after that we started making big towers as long as me or more. When I made my first tower it was a half the height of me but then it fell over and I started to rebuild it and this time it was 2 times as tall as me, then we finished and packed up. At the end of that I thought I was persistent because my tower felt apart a lot of times but I did not give up on it. By Rita Matni 6K


I really enjoyed the Incursion, the best thing about it was being collaborative with others and working with my friends. The first challenge was to build a car with wood in a group, it was really hard to build a car with wood but we got there. After that Me, Kiki and Mikayla we built a tall tower. It was taller than me, Kiki and Mikayla. We had so much fun with the wood. We also built a house that I could fit in it. By Zaylee Xuereb 6K


The Incursion was super fun, we got to build anything we wanted with these little wooden blocks.

Me and my friends built a whole city with a town then me, Harrison and Markis built a little drift track, it was super cool.

The guy hosting this incursion was named “Cam” he should use a couple of cool structures before we started and he even showed that if you put mass on top of this other tall building he made you can pull off some blocks and it will still stay there it was super cool!    By Charlie 6C


I really enjoyed the incursion because I was able to show many Cana characteristics such as collaborative, self motivated, persistence and resilience. My favourite part about the incursion was when we all built really tall buildings then knocked them down. Building these towers really made us all think a lot about if the structure is strong enough and if there is any way we can improve our buildings.

Amelia 6C


I really enjoyed the incursion because I can be a collaborative and persistent person. It was fun building, but it kept on falling over. It really made us go into the learning pit but we tried again. Overall I didn’t finish building it but it was really fun, I hope I never forget this moment.

Helen Ngo. 6C


Check out the awesome SLOW MOTION video below of one of the towers being knocked down!

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