**VIDEOS ADDED** Mad About Science: Natural Disasters!

The grade 4’s have beeb having a wonderful time learning about Natural Disasters this term. To get engaged and enthusiastic about the topic, Jill from Mad about Science came to visit us and help us to understand more about the Science of natural disasters! Our top 5 things we learnt were:

  1. The sun is the biggest influencer of Natural Disasters because it effects how much heat there is on earth.
  2. Natural Disasters are grouped as Earth or Weather disasters.
  3. The water cycle is one of the most important processes on earth, sometimes it can cause natural disasters like floods.
  4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes are linked to each other. They are difficult to predict.
  5. Our planet is constantly changing. Natural Disasters can change the way our planet looks.

Here are some pictures from our Incursion!