Nude Food Day- Every Monday

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

We have been seeing a problem around the school grounds, so this is an initiative to fix this. Our intention is to educate students to think about the amount of packaging they bring to school each day, and the impact this has on our environment.

The food packaging is part of a bigger problem. For example, each food package starts from home, comes to school, ends up on our grounds, then washes into our drains and waterways. All this leads to it ending up on our beaches and oceans, causing the death of aquatic life. We need to change.

Starting next week (Monday 3rd May), each Monday after that will be a Nude Food Day. This is a day where we highly encourage students to have a lunchbox free of food wrappers, such as chip packaging, glad wrap or aluminium foil. You must carry your food in reusable containers and packaging that can’t be thrown away.
If in the event that a student brings any food wrappers, it is compulsory that they leave the used wrappers inside their lunchbox, to be thrown away when the student comes home.

Even so, we still would definitely want all students to have rubbish free lunch boxes to help the environment here at Cana.

It starts with us!!!

Yours truly,

The Cana School Leaders
( Xander, Michael, Mikayla, Lily)