Sacrament of First Holy Communion!

Last weekend (Sunday 2nd of June) the Grade 4 students celebrated the sacrament of First Holy Communion. The students worked hard over the course of the term in preparation for the sacrament and were well prepared for the day. Below are some comments a couple of the students had about the day:


On the 2nd of June the Grade 4’s had their First Holy Communion in Emmaus church. At first, we went in a room with all the First Communicants/Grade 4’s then we all sat down in our seats with our family that had our name. Some of the Grade 4’s did the readings and after that we got the bread. The feeling of Jesus in our body is so beautiful and now we can have it whenever we go to Mass at school or to a public church.

By Malachi Grima 4C

On the 2nd of June the Grade 4’s had their First Holy Communion. There were 2 times, one was 2 O’clock and 4 O’clock. First we sat down in a room with all the Grade 4’s that were making their First Holy Communion. Then we lined up and went to our pews. After that we did the readings. Then we shook fathers hand, we ate the bread. After that we did the special prayer. Then we sang a song. Then the priest and Mrs. Blatti gave us a certificate and all the parents were taking pictures.

By Jordyn Camilleri 4K