STEM Term 1 update!

During Term 1, the Grade 3’s and 4’s have been participating in STEM. STEM education is the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an integrated approach. Both year levels have learned what STEM stands for, as well as the skills they will be developing when completing STEM projects (e.g. Critical thinking).


The Grade 3’s created their own version of a backscratcher using recyclable materials. They learned about the design process and how it needs to be followed in order to achieve an outcome.

Here are some comments from Grade 3 students:

Amelia and Arianna – 3A
We enjoy STEM because we love creating things. Our backscratcher is made out of pipe cleaners, cardboard tube, straws and icy pole sticks.

 Victoria and Isabelle – 3C
We enjoy STEM because we get to create things. We use the skills of critical thinking and creativity.

The Grade 4’s created their own mechanical machines (automata). They learned about forces such as levers, pushing and pulling which assisted with their creations.

Here are some comments from Grade 4 students:

Mikayla – 4C

I really enjoy STEM because I get to be creative. I like thinking outside of the square to solve problems.

Lucas – 4K
STEM is so fun! I love working in a team to solve STEM challenges!