Student Representative Council (SRC) leaders elected

Cana Catholic Primary school this week elected its first ever Student Representative Council (SRC). One member from each class was elected as a representative from Grades Prep – Grade 5. They will work along with the Grade 6 school leaders, Mrs. Blatti, Mrs. O’Shea and other staff members to continue making Cana a better school.

Father Justel blessed the SRC badges at the conclusion of Mass on Tuesday March 10th.

Father Justel then blessed the SRC members along with the school leaders.

Introducing our 2020 SRC members:

Prep O Xavier Kripillis
Prep M Olivia Bobanovic
1T Thomas Gillman
1C Mikayla Jose
2J Ciaran Grieves
2K Lucas Jose
3C Jake Rajski
3Y Celine Schnellmann
4S Emilia Raunik
4C Sierra Gatt
5C Kiki Omotosho
5B Sienna Camilleri