To Infinity and Beyond Incursion!

On Friday 9th of August, 2019 the Grade Five students participated in the Science Discovery Dome incursion.  This incursion was linked to our inquiry unit, ‘To infinity and beyond!’ Students participated in a virtual experience to explore features of our Solar System.

Here are some comments of feedback from the students themselves:

I really liked the idea of being a big dome and it was really fun. I liked how I could see all the planets and stars, it actually felt like I was in space! I really loved it and would definitely do it again.

~Miley Consiglio, 5F

I loved the dome. It was amazing seeing all the different planets and objects in space. It was fun exploring the different planets and the virtual reality. Even the grounding on each of the planets was cool. Seeing what the sky would be like that night was pretty cool especially looking out for the other planets.

– Chloe Burke, 5F

When I first walked into the hall seeing a large blue dome, I had no clue on what this could involve. When the lady had finished explaining the rules we then entered the giant dome. In the dome, I could hear everyone’s voice like they were right next to me. I lied down as the journey through space began, the sound and video against the round dome looked like you were in space. Towards the end, we watched Neil Armstrong be the first man to step foot on our moon. When we had to exit the dome, I was so dizzy from looking upwards too much and I was sad because I really wanted to stay in there longer. I would rate this incursion a 10 out of 10 because I had never done something like that before and because the information was incredible as well as the movie playing inside the dome was the best. I loved this incursion I hope we can do it again!!
Angelina Caruso, 5C

I think that the dome incursion was great and a great experience for us students and was so amazing to watch. All the information was mind blowing. It looked so much like we were in space and was so interesting and I wish that we could do it again!

Olivia Paciullo, 5C

I really liked the incursion, It was amazing. You got to explore all of the planets and most of the moons. It was so fun. I loved the part when we got to watch Neil Armstrong go to the moon in 1969.

Kara Italiano, 5C