What, oh, what should I wear?

It has been a busy time in Grade Prep as we continued to explore the coverings of a variety of animals, their habitat, diet and characteristics.

On Wednesday 21st November, we visited the Animal Land Children’s Farm in Diggers Rest.  Whilst we were there, we rode a pony, we went on a tractor ride to see the habitat of farm animals, we milked a cow and made butter from the milk, we fed animals and we got to hold baby animals.

On Thursday 22nd November, we participated in an incursion from Reptile Encounters.  From this incursion we got up close with more animals, such as a crocodile, a snake and a parrot.  We got to listen to our guest speaker share information about each animal, and we even got to feel the animal’s covering.  We all had lots of fun and learnt many new things!