ANZAC biscuit baking

The students in Grade Three have been learning about Anzac Day. The teachers began by reading the text Anzac biscuits by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan and some students made connections about people they know that have gone to war. Next students proceeded to make their own Anzac biscuits. They learnt that in Word War 1 Anzac biscuits were made by the soldier’s wives and by women’s groups and then sent to soldiers because the ingredients did not spoil easily. Students worked collaboratively and thoroughly enjoyed the hands on cooking experience.

Students comments about the day:


Today we made Anzac day biscuits because tomorrow is Anzac day. Anzac biscuits were used to send to soldiers that fought in the war. We were placed into groups and each group made a cookie batch. I tasted one and it was delicious. Sierra Gatt 3C


Today we made Anzac biscuits and they were very delicious. Ayden Gatt 3C


Today we made Anzac cookies because in World War 1 some people sent the soldiers Anzac biscuits. It was fun to make them and they tasted really good. Angelina Raso 3C


Today I enjoyed listening to the Anzac story and then making the biscuits. They were delicious. Luke 3A


Today I enjoyed rolling the mixture in my hand and then placing it on the tray. Amanda 3A


Today I enjoyed putting the ingredients in the bowl and using a wooden spoon to mix everything together. Xavier 3A