Grade 3 Incursion: Mad about Science

In week 7 the Grade 3 students participated in an incursion presented by Mad About Science which was all about the Human Body. This presentation was inline with the students inquiry unit for this term, where students have been learning all about the human body and its systems. During this incursion students discussed all the systems in the body and where they are located. Students also learnt some interesting facts such as: when we see things, our eyes actually see upside-down but our brain corrects it to see it properly. One of the activities was that students got the opportunity to make eyeballs out of orbeez, which were really small to begin with. The second activity was when the students mixed water, antacid and gastric juice in different cups with some cabbage juice and saw what colour these liquids would change into. Students were really engaged in this incursion and learnt many interesting things about how our bodies work.