Sacrament of First Reconciliation

Last Week the Grade 4 students celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. Here are some comments some of the students made about their experiences:


On Saturday the 23 of March, I did my First Reconciliation I was nervous at first but Father makes you confident. I was happy with my sins. I was honest with what I said. It was fun. I want to do it again

By Nathan Adami 4C


On Saturday the 23rd of March, I had my first Reconciliation. My experience was amazing, at the start I was so nervous then in the middle I was calm and at the end I was glad that God forgives my bad choices.

By Helen Ngo 4C


On the 19th of March, I made my First Reconciliation. At first it was like a normal mass, until the “confessions” came along. I got lucky and I got a reading for my Reconciliation. It was like a normal mass honestly.
By Erik Thaqi 4C.


On Tuesday the 19th of March, I had my 1st reconciliation. I was Happy with my confession.  I felt very happy after my confession.

By Zane Vella 4C


On Tuesday the 19th of March, I had my first Reconciliation my experience was that  you get nervous at the beginning but when Father sit’s you down to do your Reconciliation you feel very relaxed and calm. Then you get your candle and your certificate.

By Lily Stasinowsky 4k


On Wednesday the 20th of March, I did my first reconciliation. I was nervous at first but when I went to Father Maurie. I felt confident when I confessed to Father my sins I was happy when I saw everyone doing it as well.

By Chol Mager 4K