Grade 6 camp

The Grade 6’s have just returned from an amazing time at Camp. We travelled to Lady Northcote Camp in Glenmore. We participated in a range of activities which challenged us to use many of the Cana Characteristics of an effective learner. Here are some pictures from our time at Camp!

Camp was amazing and I absolutely enjoyed it. The activities were fun, the food was so good and the staff were nice. I would live to go back and do it again and maybe add some other activities in as well if we had another night.

Chloe B 6K


I absolutely loved my time at camp.  All the activities were funThe food was so  amazing and delicious.  The only thing is that in Geocaching people could move the boxes. So one of the items we were trying to find was moved and we couldn’t find it apart from that I loved camp and would definitely go again ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Miley 6K

Lady Northcote Camp was amazing I had a great time and got to experience lots of new things. I improved my friendships and worked collaboratively with my friends. some examples are in canoeing we all had to communicate on how to paddle, In the giant swing we had to help pull up the person together, in geocaching we had to cooperate with each other and in low ropes we had to work together to keep one another safe. Camp helped me make new friends and improve some of my friendships.

Sophie 6K

My camp experience was the most amazing and fun thing ever. I really enjoyed it and had a great time with all of my friends. At camp us students got the chance to participate in some challenging activities that we needed to work together as a team. I hope that next years grade 6’s enjoy camp as much as we did. Furthermore, I hope that they have the courage to complete all activities just as we did. I would really love to go back to camp and redo it all over again!

Olivia 6K

My camp experience was amazing, I really enjoyed all of the activities and it gave us a good chance to spend time with our friends, and even make new friendships. Our cabins were great and the instructors were lovely. Camp gave my an opportunity to push myself that little bit further. Overall, camp was amazing.

Ava 6K

  I loved camp, I think camp was a great experience to become

closer to my friends and to try new things out of my comfort

zone. The activities were really fun, the ones that really stood

out for me were the giant swing, geocaching and archery.

Mya 6K