Cyber Safety

Cana is recognised as an eSmart School. As en eSmart school we are committed to teaching our students how to be responsible and safe citizens while using technology and working in the online world.

Cyber Safety Information from ySafe

  • Provides a detailed overview of the eSmart Schools framework.
  • NEWS tab that celebrates achievements and implementation of eSmart Schools framework from around Australia.
  • Subscribe to the ‘Becoming eSmart’ newsletter (one per term) for the latest trends, research and events about eSmart and cyber safety.

  • Online challenge for children that includes quizzes, videos and games.
  • Encourage discussion about digital citizenship, digital literacy and digital safety between parents and child/ren.
  • Includes completing of 8 modules.
  • Fantastic tool to use as a link between school and home.

  • Federal governing body aimed to provide education and information about online safety.
  • Reporting process for cyberbullying and/or inappropriate content.
  • Lists current apps/social networking services that are ‘on trend’ with children.