Student Leadership

 At Cana, Jesus is our role model and example. Jesus was a leader. He taught people about God and brought them closer to Him. Jesus’ example of leadership was that of a servant. He washed His disciples feet, took care to be gentle and said “I have set an example for you”. Our student leaders aim to further demonstrate this example of  Servant Leadership with all they encounter at Cana and the wider community.

2023 School Leaders


Our 2023 General School Leaders are:

Erin CassarHello, my name is Erin Cassar, I am one of the General School leaders for 2023. I am honoured to have been chosen to be apart of this role for Cana Catholic Primary School. I will use my time, effort and determination to make a difference to our school. The leaders and I will be your voice as our school becomes a bigger and a better community this year. I am looking forward to organising fun ideas for the school, with the help of our principal Mrs. Blatti. This year the students of Cana will have a fun, exciting and thrilling year, I also hope that I can be an amazing role model to all younger peers. If anyone may have an questions please feel free to approach any of the school leaders.

Celine SchnellmannHello, my name is Celine Schnellmann and I’m one of the four General School Leaders of 2023. I look forward to being a great role model for all students and represent the students of Cana. As a group we hope to bring new ideas to the school and take into account any opinions and feedback from students. If you have any questions the leaders and myself are there to help you. We can’t wait to make 2023 a fun and exciting year for everyone.

Chase Puli– Hi, my name is Chase and one of the General Leaders. I am very excited to help the Cana Community.  I hope I can be an amazing role model for the whole school. I will be honoured to answer any questions you have or any ideas for Cana community fun days. I look forward to being a voice for everyone at our school.

Sofia BehanHi, My name is Sofia and I am one of the general school leaders for 2023. I am delighted to have this opportunity to be a school leader. I will be helping Mrs Blatti to organise the fun days at Cana. If you need help or have any questions you can come to me or any of the other leaders.

2023 Sports Leaders


Our 2023 Sport Leaders are:

Father O’Reilly House (Yellow)- Chase Axisa and Ayden Pelzmann

Hi my name is Chase Axisa and I’m a sport leader for Father O’Reilly (yellow house) and I will be working with Ayden Pelzmann. I am hoping to be a great role model for the Cana community and I am hoping to help the Cana sport community throughout the whole year. Somethings about me is my favourite sports are soccer and dodgeball. I am so excited to be a  2023 sport leader and I am looking forward to working with you all.

Hi my name is Ayden Pelzmann and i’m a sport leader for Father O’Reilly (yellow house) I will be working with Chase Axisa in yellow house. I want to be a good role model for the Cana community and I want to help with the Cana sport community. I also want to make sport fun and inclusive for all. I also have a passion for football and I like to play basketball too. I am very grateful that Mr. Cassar has chosen me to be a leader for 2023 and I am looking forward to working with him and all of the other Leaders.

St Joseph House (Red)- Atong Mager and Zac Cerasani

Hello, my name is Atong Mager and I am going to be the sports leader of St. Joseph ( Red House). I am going to be working with Zac Cerasani who is also the red house leader. This year I will try help other achieve their sport goals, and encourage them to enjoy sport as much as me. I hope to be a great role model for younger classes and I look forward to being the sport leader and working alongside my peers.

Hi my name is Zac Cerasani and I’m sport leader for St. Joseph house (red house). I will be working with Atong Mager. I hope I will do good to help the Cana community and Cana sport community. I hope I can be a good role model for kids that like sport and want to be a sport leader. I like to play soccer with my friends and I also play football and basketball for a club.

St Patrick (Green)- Dave Varun and Chanel Piraina

Hello my name is Dave and I am 11 years old. I am the sports leader for St Patrick (Green house).I will work with Mr Cassar and Chanel who is the other green house sport leader. I will being checking the sports tub and helping set up Interschool sports. I am looking forward to being a sport leader.

Hi my name is Chanel and I am going to be working with Dave.We are the green house sport leaders (St Patrick) this year I will be helping Mr Cassar in sport and I will be helping set up interschool sport and regular sport. I will make sure that everyone has a fair amount of sports equipment. I am very grateful to have been chosen for this role in 2023.

St Mary MacKillop (Blue)- Jake Rajski and Lucy Gemayel

Hi my name is Jake Rajski and I am privileged to be working alongside Lucy Gemayel as the Mary Mackillop (blue house) Sports Leaders. I look forward to working with Mr Cassar and other Sport Leaders to build and promote sport in our school community. I am a passionate sportsman and have been playing football and basketball for several years as well as swimming. I want to inspire my fellow students to keep active, build on their sporting skills, display great sportsmanship and have fun.

Hello my name is Lucy Gemayel and I am the sport leader for  St Mary Mackillop (blue house). I am going to be working alongside Jake Rajski and Mr Cassar. My goal this year is to help out in the Cana sport community by setting a great example to my younger peers. I am very thankful for this opportunity and very excited to be a 2023 Sport Captain.

2023 Mary MacKillop Leaders


Our 2023 Mary MacKillop Group Leaders are:   

Chiara Giampicollo

Hello, my name is Chiara and I’m one of the Mary Mackillop leaders for 2023. My goal by the end of the school year is to create a better learning environment for everyone, and inspire the younger students at Cana to be this best version of themselves. I’m inspired by one of her quotes; ‘Find happiness in making others happy’.

Scarlett Agius

Hello my name is Scarlett Agius, and I am the Mary Mackillop leader for 2023. This year I will be working with my fellow leaders and Mrs D’Abreo to help organize different activities throughout the year  I will continue to be a role model to the younger students and make good choices. My goal is to always to be ready to help around the school and just like Mary did in her life “ We must teach more by example than by word”.

Jana Touma

Hello, my name is Jana and I am one of the Mary MacKillop leaders of 2023. I am so excited to have this opportunity to be a good role model and to help students at Cana to make better choices with their words and actions. I strongly believe in one of Mary Mackillop’s saying: “Never see a need without doing something about it”