Student Leadership

 At Cana, Jesus is our role model and example. Jesus was a leader. He taught people about God and brought them closer to Him. Jesus’ example of leadership was that of a servant. He washed His disciples feet, took care to be gentle and said “I have set an example for you”. Our student leaders aim to further demonstrate this example of  Servant Leadership with all they encounter at Cana and the wider community.

2019 Student Leaders

Our 2019 School Leaders are:

Mary MacKillop Group:   

Ella Stasinowsky

Maya Simunija


Saint Patrick (Green): Aiden Di Grazia and Sofia Urso

Saint Joseph (Red): Alyssa De Bono and Noah Biewer

Father O’Reilly (Yellow): Hayden Camilleri and Kaelan Galea

Mary MacKillop (Blue): Marcus Jackson and James Lazzara

General Leaders:

Lucas Zovic, Sienna Axisa, Chloe Gatt, Taneisha Galea,

Lara Simic, Mikaylah Puli, Jayda Nguyen,

Oliva Molina-Altimirano, Tasha Portelli, Angeth Mager