Student Leadership

 At Cana, Jesus is our role model and example. Jesus was a leader. He taught people about God and brought them closer to Him. Jesus’ example of leadership was that of a servant. He washed His disciples feet, took care to be gentle and said “I have set an example for you”. Our student leaders aim to further demonstrate this example of  Servant Leadership with all they encounter at Cana and the wider community.

2021 School Leaders


Our 2021 General School Leaders are:

Xander TamaraySalutations! My name is Xander Tamaray and I am ecstatic to be one of the 2021 Cana General leaders!  I’ve always admired strong leadership, and strived to have those values. I’ve always wanted to hold a position of leadership, and I hope I can set an example for all students to follow. I want to be a leader like the leaders and role models I’ve seen, who inspire people to do the right thing, and not wait for people to tell you when to do it. I hope I can improve this school, and improve myself in the process. I am proud to have the title of school leader here at Cana.

Michael FarrugiaHi, I am Michael Farrugia and I am going to be one of the general school leaders at Cana. I also have some other awesome teammates to help me and that is Xander, Lily and Mikayla. We will be working with Mrs. Blatti all year round and get ideas from other classrooms to improve our school. We will also be very responsible role models to everyone including the seniors as well. I have always  thought about being a sport or general leader at Cana and I am extremely pumped to be one. All of us leaders, including the Sport and Mary MacKillop leaders are so proud and delighted for each other.   

Mikayla CutajarHello!! My name is Mikayla Cutajar! I am so excited to be one of the general school leaders here at Cana! I work with Lily, Xander and Michael since we are all general leaders. Three of the best Cana Characteristics of an Effective Learner that shine through me the most are being Collaborative, Persistent and Curious! Since I was in Grade 4, I have always dreamed of being a school leader! Ever since I was 10 and saw all the other leaders before me, I thought to myself: “I hope that will be me one day!” And so… here I am! All the work I have pushed myself to do, has paid off. The reason why I wanted to be a school leader is so I can help the school be a fun and exciting place to be, forward on my ideas to the other leaders and Mrs Blatti and to work with so many more students! I really am looking forward to what’s going to happen this year at Cana!  

Lily StasinowskyMy name is Lily and I am a general school leader for 2021. I am excited to be a school leader so I can be a good role model for all the younger students. I have always enjoyed helping all the people in my life and now I can.










2021 Sports Leaders


Our 2021 Sport Leaders are:

Father O’Reilly House (Yellow)- Julia Alfonzetti and Jordyn Camilleri

Hello my name is Julia Alfonzetti, I am one of the sports leaders. My house colour is yellow also known as Father O’Reilly. I am very excited to be representing my school as a sports leader in 2021. The reasons I wanted to be a sports leader is because I am very passionate about playing sports and good at encouraging others. In yellow house I have an amazing partner Jordyn Camilleri. This year we will be helping out with sports equipment and Inter school sports games, I have an outstanding team to help me during this year which is all the other house colours. I am very excited to be one of the role models at Cana.

My name is Jordyn Camilleri, these are the reasons why I wanted to be sports captain. Firstly, I love doing sports so this was clear in my head to apply for this position. I was very excited on the holidays and now that I have it I am super happy. I always wanted to help the sports teachers and the principal. I want to show good examples to the younger students. I have always wanted to be a good role model to everyone at Cana. I am really honored to have this role at Cana because it’s always been a dream for me. Julia Alfonzetti and I are the Father O’Reilly sports leaders, we will always try to inspire the younger children at Cana.  Through all my years at Cana I have been trying to improve my leadership and sportsmanship so I could get this role. I want to help and encourage the younger children to be a sports captain because it’s AMAZING!!

St Joseph House (Red)- Natalie Magro and Helen Ngo

My name is Natalie Magro, I am one of the red house sport captains at Cana Catholic Primary School 2021. As a sport captain at Cana I set up crates full of different sport equipment for all the students at Cana. I will also be helping Mr. Szigeti with setting up inter school sports and when we do the sport carnival.

Hello everyone my name is Thuy Linh Helen Ngo but people call me Helen, This year in 2021 i will be representing the school, as a sport leader in red house (Saint Joseph) with my partner Natalie Magro. I am Vietnamese and I also love to listen to music. I am very excited to become sport leader because,  I want the opportunity to experience being a supportive sport leader, I want to help people improve their sportsmanship and cheer people in any sport they play with. I also help setting up sports equipment and thing for interschool sport and  the sports carnival.

St Patrick (Green)- Isabel DiGrazia and Alex Harbour

Hi, my name is Alex Harbour and I am one of your sport leaders along with Isabel for the green house.Together we will work as a team to help motivate, inspire and challenge you to be your best. We will also help Mr. Szigeti with the sport equipment. 

Hi!! My name is Isabel and I am one of the 2021 Cana sports leaders. I represent green house, Saint Patrick, along with my partner Alex. I am very grateful to have been chosen for this role in 2021. I am super excited to be a sports leader this year because I want to lead by good example to all the other year levels. My mission is to have fun, be active and healthy through sports. By assisting Mr. Szigeti I hope to achieve that goal. I am self-motivated and resilient. I will always try my best and bounce back from challenges. As a leader I am collaborative and work well in a team. I am very approachable. If you have any questions out on the yard, please approach me and do not be afraid. I am here to help.

St Mary MacKillop (Blue)- Johnathan Katsantonis and Sienna Camilleri

Hi my name is Jonathan Katsantonis I am a sport leader. I am proud to be a sport leader.  I am in the blue house [Mary MacKillop house]  I am also with Sienna Camilleri. We are a team. I am so  excited to be a sport leader because I like  helping with Interschool sports and helping the sport teacher. I am always wanting to help and be there for everyone know matter what it is.

Hi, I am Sienna Camilleri and I will be one of this years sports leaders!! This year I will be representing blue house along with my friend Jonathan Katsantonis. Johno and I along with all sport leaders for all houses are very excited for the year to come! I am here to help with Inter school sports, sports carnivals and much more. We are super excited to be partaking in this role, helping our sport teacher and principle. Our classmates and peers. Supporting our soccer team, football team netball team and much, much, much more!!!

2021 Mary MacKillop Leaders


Our 2021 Mary MacKillop Group Leaders are:   

Emily Latina

My name is Emily Latina and I wish to thank the school for the opportunity to lead the Mary MacKillop group in 2021.  I joined the Mary MacKillop group in grade 3 and I have always looked up to Mary MacKillop as a role model and I wanted to be just like her I will continue to follow Mary MacKillop footsteps and help the students at Cana to make better choices with their actions and words. My goal is to always be ready to help around the school and just like Mary MacKillop did in her life “We will teach more by example than by word”.

Gemma Cassar

My name is Gemma Cassar and this year I am very proud and honoured to take the position of

being the Mary Mackillop leader for 2021. I joined the group in Grade 3 and since then I have  been a great role

model and followed in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop by following her motto “Never see a need

without doing something about it”. This year I will continue to be a role model to the younger

children by making better choices with our actions and words. My  goal is to always be ready to

help around the school just like Mary MacKillop did in her life. Like Mary MacKillop I will display

qualities such as being fair, honest and caring to all at Cana.