Do you have an iPhone?

Would you like an instant access to tools and resources about EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector?

EpiClub has created an app for EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector that you can download for FREE from the App Store on your iPhone. Simply search for EpiPen, click install and use the EpiPen batch number located on your device to access the app on your iPhone. Your batch number is for your use only, please do not share it.

The app allows you to carry usage instructions and safety information about your EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector with you on your phone at all times. The app can also help you discuss with family or friends what to do if they are with you when you experience an anaphylactic reaction.

The app contains:

  • Clear-step by-step instructions on how to use your EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector
  • A video demonstrating how to use EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector
  • Important safety and product information


Be prepared.

Download the EpiPen Adrenaline Auto-Injector iPhone app today.