Grade 6 Confirmation

On Sunday the 15th of May the Grade 6 students completed their Sacrament of Confirmation. On the day, the candidates from both 6K and 6G had their sponsors sit beside them and family with them, the teachers at the school also came to the Confirmation. The candidates had picked a saint that they were inspired by, and looked up to. On that day, Bishop Martin Ashe and the priest, Father Maurie were there with us. We sat down and waited for the bishop and the priest to enter, with nice quiet music playing in the background. Some of the students had to do a welcome and a thank you speech, also reading parts of the bible throughout the mass. During the mass, the bishop blessed the candidates with holy oil, with their sponsor standing beside them. After that the newly confirmed students were blessed with the Holy Spirit. All the students lined up to receive the Eucharist. At the end the students were called up by their teacher to take a group photo. Some students took photos with their teacher, Father Maurie and Bishop Martin Ashe.

Written by Maram, Rafina and Maksymilian