About Our School

Cana's Motto

"Do what Jesus tells you"

Cana Catholic Primary School is located in the suburb of Hillside. Cana opened in 2004 and is the third Catholic primary school in the Parish of Sacred Heart / Emmaus where a strong link between the Parish and school is valued and nurtured.

Cana is a “Faith and Learning Community” where our students, staff and families work together in partnership. Together we aim to provide a desire for lifelong learning and as a Catholic primary school we believe the Eucharist is our foundation which informs every aspect of our work: academic, social, emotional and spiritual. We believe that each person is a unique gift from God.


  • We are committed to develop children’s individual potential with confidence and self esteem.
  • The whole staff will be enthusiastic with a generous spirit and will be flexible, open, honest and always professional.
  • Our families work in partnership with the whole community building a happy environment with a sense of ownership.