Sports Carnival

On Friday 2nd December students participated in Cana’s annual Sports Carnival. The day kicked off with running races for the students, with ribbons on offer for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Staff then had their opportunity to shine in a feature race. The morning was rounded of, by a staff vs students relay race, where the students got the win. The middle part of the day, students participated in 16 rotational sport activities ranging from: Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon race and much, much more. Throughout the day students were earning points for their house colour. This then culminated in a presentation at the end of the day, where all the points were tallied and a presentation occurred. The final tally was:

1st- St. Joseph (red) house- 1386 points

2nd- St. Patrick (green) house- 1243 points

3rd- St. Mary MacKillop (blue) house- 1206 points

4th- Fr. O’Reilly (yellow) house- 1100 points

Congratulations to St. Joseph house for winning!!!